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Colorado Trail Segment 6

Segment Six of the Colorado Trail

This is the longest of the 28 Colorado Trail segments. If you hike or ride the entire segment, it is 32.9 miles. It is not for the faint-hearted. It is not necessarily a hard trail, but between the distance and the elevation at Georgia Pass, it can be a challenging mountain bike ride or hike. For mountain bikers, I would recommend riding it from Kenosha Pass (east end) to near Breckenridge (west end). If you go the other way, you will be tackling a very tough and very long rock-field going uphill.

Best Fall Foliage Trail

As for when to do this trail, you absolutely can’t beat the beautiful fall colors you’ll experience around mid-to-late September. The first few miles after Kenosha Pass may contain some of the most gorgeous fall foliage anywhere. And don’t just look for gold in the aspen trees. You’ll also see incredible oranges, reds & yellows on the ground-cover. It is an incredibly popular spot during fall foliage viewing season, so if possible you may want to ride or hike the trail on a weekday. If you have to go on the weekend, get up there really early. Even though there are hundreds of potential parking spots, they all fill up on autumn weekends. The good news is: a. not everyone hikes on the Colorado Trail and b. most people go only a mile or less in and then turn around. once you get a ways down the trail, it’s not crowded at all. And once you cross Georgia Pass, you may not see another trail user all the way down to the bottom.

Trail Statistics

Since I mainly ride the trails for scenery and mild exercise, I’m not a big fan of trail statistics. However, since I GPS my rides and hikes so that I can share maps on the Trailsnet website, I end up with way more trail stats than I really need. I’ll share some of them below, for those of you who like numbers. Also note that the speeds, times and elevation information is pretty accurate, but the map below does not contain the entire segment 6 route. See notes above the map for more information.


Time   2:38:33                                               Elevation Information
Moving Time  2:17:15                                   Elevation Gain  2,779 ft
Elapsed Time  6:13:17                                  Elevation  Loss2,571 ft
Avg Speed  5.2 mph                                     Elevation  Loss2,571 ft
Avg Moving Speed  6.1 mph                         Max Elevation  11,880 ft
Max Speed  17.6 mph


Trail Map

The following map shows most of Colorado Trail segment six from its eastern starting point at Kenosha Pass to where the trail crosses the middle fork of the Swan River. This is at about mile 17.1 of the 32.9 mile trail. Colorado Trail segment 6 on Trailsnet - Find the best mountain biking in Colorado


Suggested Lodging

many nice wet & dry campsites in this segment

Suggested Dining

in Breckenridge, CO.

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

in Breckenridge, CO

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