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Daibutsu Railway Trail

This course follows the route the old Daibutsu Railway took. Commencing at the town of Kamo, this course is made-up of two parts – rural & suburban. It takes you past some of the relics of a bygone era.

The line commenced service in 1898 and was closed in 1907, when a new line was opened that connected Osaka City to Nagoya City. The line is referred to as ‘The Lost Daibutsu Railway’ as it had such a short life – 9-years – and there is little documentation, so much remains a mystery.

Once you leave Kamo you suddenly find yourself passing-through some very picturesque rural scenery. You then experience the first, of six, abutments. Halfway through you reach the suburbs of Nara City and a very different environment. Then, before you know it, you have arrived at your goal, Nara Station.

Maps (sadly only available in Japanese) are available, free-of-charge, at both stations but, along the way, there are noticeboards with map and your current location. It also gives details of the relic you are viewing at the time. Also there is a bar-code in English. The course is also well signposted.

If you only want to do the Railway course, then I suggest you commence your journey at Kamo. But, if you have time on your side, and want to see more of the area, then commence at Nara. When you reach Kamo, take the bus to Gansen-ji Temple (see attached link – www.everytrail touno sekibutsu no sato pilgrimage. There is a bus from there to Nara.

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Suggested Lodging

Everywhere you go in Nara City there is accommodation to suit all needs and financial costs. I haven't found anything at Kamo, but it is only a very short train-ride away from all major cities within the Kansai area.

Suggested Dining

Everywhere you go in Japan, there is bound to be an eatery close by. Whether it be a 24-hour convenient store, a small noodle shop, a restaurant, a cafe, whatever, there is bound to be something there for you.

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

This shop is not far from the Kintetsu Rail Station. Next door to the J.R. Station there is an information center that, I am sure, will have details of a shop near you. But, in saying that, walking is the best way to see & experience this course.

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  1. trailsnet

    Beautiful pictures Barry. And thanks for the dining & bike rental suggestions!!!

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