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Dirty Bismarck Loop Trail

Crazy name, fun trail. So here’s the story: Long, long ago, in a land called Colorado, there was a professional bike race called the Morgul-Bismarck. Over the years, it saw many of the world’s most famous bike racers compete for glory. It also changed names a couple times to such monikers as “The Red Zinger,” “The Coors Classic,”  etc.

But alas the race fell on hard times (now recently reinvigorated, but that’s another story) and fell to the wayside. But the race was on the road (yuck) and everyone knows that roads are no fun to ride upon, so…. a dirt bike trail (I hesitate to call it a mountain bike trail since, technically, it isn’t in the mountains) was created just to the inside of the original Morgul-Bismarck Loop. And the new trail was (informally) dubbed “The Dirty Bismarck Loop.” And there were bicyclists, and it was good. Now you may hear the trail called other names such as the Superior Loop Trail, or the Marshall Mesa Loop, or the South Boulder County Loop… but for now, since there’s no official name, we’ll call it the Dirty Bismarck Loop Trail.

The best place to start the loop is in Old Town Superior near the Lone Tree trailhead, but you can also start it at the trailhead off highway 93 near the town of Marshall or at the Marshall Mesa Trailhead near the intersection of highway 93 and 120th or at the Superior trailhead located at the intersection of Coalton Road and McCaslin Boulevard.

BTW – That picture you see on the banner at the top of EVERY Trailsnet page was taken on the Dirty Bismarck Trail as it passes through the old Colorado town of Marshall. Now you know, “The rest of the story.”

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