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LoBo Trail

Lobo Trail beside creek in Longmont colorado

Lobo Trail

Boulder to Longmont Trail

LoBo Trail stands for Longmont to Boulder Trail. The folks in Boulder may want it to be called Boulder to Longmont Trail, but BoLo Trail sounds like a path named after a string tie.

This trail has been a long time in the making and is still a work in progress. It’s a great route to ride, walk or run between Longmont, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado; but it involves quite a few twists, turns, surface changes and even local road riding. The first time on this trail, pay close attention. It is fairly well marked, but still easy to take a wrong turn. Most of the route changes have signs (sometimes small ones) telling you which way to go. However, if you’re going from Boulder toward Longmont, be careful when you get to Niwot, CO. At that point, the trail becomes a sidewalk that follows N 83rd St. However, there are no signs to inform trail users which way to go. So when you get to Left Hand Grange Park, the Lutheran Church and the intersection of Niwot Rd. and 83rd St, turn north on the sidewalk that parallels 83rd St.

At the time that this description was written, the trail was still under construction in Longmont, be eventually (soon) it will connect with the St. Vrain Greenway Trail and allow some serious trail miles for Boulder County bike riders.This trail also ties into the Boulder Creek Path, but can be a little confusing to connect the two.

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