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Moselle River Trail: Metz to Perl

Autoreise frei means cars not allowed

You’ve heard of the Autobahn. I much prefer the Autos Banned. (-:

Chemin de la Moselle – The Moselle Trail or Moselle Path

I enjoyed yesterday’s bike ride on the Moselle River Path (It has many different names, and I’ll use them all. 🙂

First order of business is to announce that the bike path between Mez and Thionville has been completed and is open for business. Even many of the bike tour companies still have it listed as incomplete. But since I posted a blog about that section of the trail yesterday, I will mostly focus on the Thionville, France to Perl, Germany section of the trail in today’s post.

Moselle River Trail: Thionville to Perl

Trail Near Thionville

Trail Near Thionville

This portion of the veloroute has been completed for a number of years and has more of an old-world charm than the Metz to Richemont section. Trail travelers on this section will view centuries old churches, towering cathedrals & stunning riverside views. They’ll bike through vineyards, livestock pastures and scattered wildflower borders.

International Trail

One of the unique and memorable aspects about this section of the trail is the international flair. In one day, trail walkers and bike riders can explore three different countries: France, Germany & Luxembourg. The main route for the Thionville to Perl section of the Veloroute Moselle is in France and Germany. But a quick bridge-crossing

Beautiful trail landmarks

Beautiful trail landmarks

puts you in Luxembourg for a stroll along that side of the Moselle. You will find bike paths along both sides of the river throughout much of the Moselle (spelled both Moselle and Mosel, depending on which country you’re in.) corridor.

Moselle River Trail Questions & Answers

  • How busy is the trail? Surprisingly tranquil in early June. There is a steady flow of traffic with the majority, at this point, being locals out for a stroll or bike ride. Much like the United States, the serious bicycle speed demons stick to the road, so most of the bike riders are riding at a leisurely pace. As the summer progresses, trail traffic will pick up with more tourists enjoying the trail.

    Moselle Trail Charm

    Moselle Trail Charm

  • Can I buy food & drinks along the trail? At this point, stores, cafes & fruit stands are few and far-between, and their hours are pretty sporadic, so make sure you have a few snacks and plenty of water. However, you will come across occasional refreshment options near the trail. Sometimes you may need to leave the trail to find supplies.
  • Is there wildlife on the trail? Yes, but mostly ducks, swans & rabbits.
  • Do I need to know French and/or German to communicate on the trail? It would definitely help, but you can get by w/ the ubiquitous greetings of hello, goodbye, please & thank you. Surprisingly, you will come to many establishments where very little English is spoken or understood.
  • What type of bike is best on the trail? Comfortable is the short answer. You can
    side trail

    side trail

    Tranquil Trail Biking

    Tranquil Trail Biking

    ride any kind of bike, but a comfortable seat and handlebars are recommended over the  typical road bike or mountain bike style of bike. A bike with at least seven speeds is a good idea.

  • Are there campgrounds along the trail? Yes. They do not have any facilities such as water or even a bathroom, but they often have picnic tables and are mowed.

    Moselle River Trail panoramic photo

    Moselle River Trail panoramic photo: double click on the photo to see it in all its splendor

Trail Map


Suggested Lodging

Grand Hotel de Metz

Suggested Dining

Flunch in Metz

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

VeloMet bikeshare in Metz

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