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Rhine River Bike Route

I didn’t let a little rain stop me from exploring this historic German bike route along the Rhine River. That’s one of the benefits of biking out of a central location like Remagen. It allows you to pick and choose how far you want to go. With lots of ferries (but very few bridges) along the river, you can create your own loop by riding up one side of the river and down the other using ferries for crossing. I had hoped to ride all the way to Koblenz, but pouring rain made it a little less desirable.

The Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15) is 1230 km long, includes four different countries and runs all the way from Switzerland to the Netherlands. This particular bike trail is one very small section of that larger bike route. With the incredibly well-linked European train system, you could either ride the Rhine Cycle Route from end to end or base your tour out of a single town like Remagen or Koblenz and then tackle one section of the trail at a time.

One of the great attractions to a trail like this is all the interesting stops along the way. Whether you want to stop for a snack, a drink or a full meal, you’ll have quite a few options. And I highly recommend spending some time in the town of Linz. It’s across the river from Remagen. The town of Erpel is great too, but you may want to explore it on the day you ride to Bonn, Germany.

If you are interested in a bicycle tour of the Rhine River area, I recommend you look into Tripsite bike tours or Leonard Pinger Tours.

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Suggested Lodging

Leonard Pinger Hotel

Suggested Dining

restaurants in Linz or Remagen

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

Leonard Pinger Hotel has rental bikes

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