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River Mountains Loop Trail in Nevada

smooth asphalt loop trail in NevadaYou don’t have to be into gambling to love Las Vegas. Odds are, you’ll be surprised by the quality and diversity of outdoor activities available nearby.

One of the newest and most diverse additions to the list of outdoor activities in the Vegas area is the River Mountains Loop. With 34 miles of smooth pavement, your recreation options include biking, inline skating, recumbents, Trikkes, hiking, trail-running, wheelchairs, and equestrian pursuits. It must be noted however, that while portions of the trail are great for all of the previously listed activities the entire loop is mostly suitable for biking, walking, and running. Only the most capable skaters, recumbent riders, and Trikke riders will be able to negotiate all 34 miles due to a few very steep areas.
Although this path is considered a rail-trail, only a little over 3.5 miles of the trail was actually converted from a former rail-bed. So the usual gradual inclines of rails-to-trails routes do not apply on this path. Some of the inclines are surprisingly steep for an asphalt trail, and are probably the steepest I have encountered on a rail-trail.
Despite the rigorous workout, the desert vistas and Lake Mead views make all of your efforts worthwhile. And if that isn’t enough, many lucky trail-users are the recipients of stellar wildlife viewing including roadrunners, coyotes, deer, desert tortoises, and bighorn sheep.
And after a hard day of trail exploration, the River Mountain Loop provides a unique treat not available on most trails; a casino buffet awaits you on your return to the trailhead with a meal fit for a king.

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