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Spokane Centennial Trail

Spokane Centennial trail winds through pine forests

Spokane Centennial Trail

The Spokane Centennial Trail begins at the Idaho/Washington border and continues for 39 miles to Nine Mile Falls northwest of Spokane, Washington. In addition to  beautiful rural scenery, the heart of the trail passes right through the city of Spokane with its beautiful Riverfront Park, Gonzaga University, raging waterfall, delicious restaurant selections, and even a fantastic old-fashioned carousel.

If you haven’t ridden this trail in a while, you’ll be glad to read that the unfinished section of the trail, with its confusing trail detour is now completed, and it’s much easier to navigate the trail through Spokane. For fellow trail lovers, this trail in conjunction with the Trail of the Couer d’ alenes and the Route of the Hiawatha trail in Idaho makes an excellent trifecta of trails. The Idaho Centennial Trail continues where the Spokane Centennial Trail leaves off at the Washington/Idaho border, but the Idaho Centennial Trail requires quite a bit of road riding and is not very well marked.

Horses are allowed on the soft portions of the trail to the side of the main trail. Equestrian activity is not allowed on the asphalt portion of the trail.

The map below does not show the western portion of the trail that skirts Riverside Park and up to Long Lake/Nine Mile Dam. Going through Riverfront Park in Spokane & Riverside Park NW of Spokane are two of the best parts of the trail. Most of this trail would be great for riding a Trikke and would be perfect for riding an electric/hybrid Trikke.

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