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Stratford Greenway

England is the greatest country in the world for hiking. But bicycling in the U.K. can be less than family friendly. The roads are narrow and obviously they forgot to include a citizen’s (or Baron’s) right to bicycle safely in the Magna Carta because bike lanes are non-existent and bike paths are nearly non-existent. Fortunately Warwickshire has two safe and scenic biking venues and the Stratford Greenway is one of them.

Kudos to the geniuses who designed the Stratford Greenway, because they have made it safe, friendly & accessible for just about everyone. It includes a great trailhead with lots of parking space. It also includes a convenient bike hire at the Stratford trailhead. And it also includes not one but two restaurants located right on the trail. In addition, the trail is well maintained and heavily used. Yet it is wide enough so that the copious numbers of trail users can comfortably navigate the trail safely but not quickly. (hopefully)

All of the trail is accessible to and used by bicyclists and walkers (ramblers). Half of the trail is also accessible to equestrians on the Milcote to Long Marston section only and beside the gravel portion rather than on it. Dog walkers are also welcome on the trail but dog should be kept on leads and dog owners should be prepared to scoop their dog’s poop. Or, as they say in England, “No dog fouling.”

For non-U.K. residents, you will encounter a wonderful contraption known as a kissing gate. It’s much more effective than bollards, but also a little tricky for first-timers. You will not be able to take tandems or most recumbents through a kissing gate, so those folks will need to call 01827-872660 to request a key.

You will see people of all ages & abilities on this trail, so please be cautious and friendly.

Trail Map

This map is the 20 mile route from Stratford-Upon-Avon to Broadway, England. The first five miles out of Stratford is the Stratford Greenway. England Trails on
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Suggested Lodging

Suggested Dining

Railway Carriage Cafes along the Greenway

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

Stratford Bike Hire (see included URL)

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