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Trinity River Trail

It’s nice to have options.
And the Trinity River Trail System gives you many. You can start your journey from the center of the city or you can start from way out in Gateway Park.

Trail crosses Trinity River in Fort Worth Texas.

Trail crosses Trinity River.

You can bike, hike, inline skate, walk your dog, or ride your Trikke.
You can hang out in the city or wander through the countryside.
You can rest on a bench or run until you’re breathing hard.
You can travel for 32 miles out-and-back or take a leisurely half mile stroll.
Yes, the Trinity River Trail System has something for everyone. It is dotted with river crossings, tree groves, benches, misting stations, and expansive parks. It is surprisingly solitary on weekdays and a major social gathering spot on weekends.
It offers its users the choice of various branches and even allows people to choose which side of the river they want to explore.
You can choose to start your exploration in the city and work your way out or you can start in the rural portion and venture into Fort Worth.
It is trails like the Trinity Trail that make the city of Fort Worth such a fun place to visit.
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  1.  – Do not cross the low water crossings during high water activity.
  2. – Check the Fort Worth city schedules for trailside events such as water skiing, park gatherings, and local festivals.
  3. – Portions of the trail are often closed for maintenance but detours are usually provided. Check with the city parks department or with the websites listed on this guide for more information.
  4. – Parking is free in Gateway Park and most of the other trailheads, but if you start from downtown Fort Worth, you will likely have to feed $ into parking meters.

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