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US 36 Bikeway

US 36 Bike Path

Completed in early 2016, the US 36 Bikeway is part of the Highway 36 Commuting Corridor that connects the communities of Boulder and Denver. Unfortunately, the Boulder to Denver Bikeway comes up a little short of Denver. Currently, the east portion of the trail ends in neighborhood park in Westminster, CO. However, it will eventually be possible to reach downtown Denver by crossing under 80th Street and then biking on Bradburn Street until reaching Little Dry Creek Trail. Eventually Little Dry Creek Trail will connect with Clear Creek Trail which connects to the Platte River Trail which leads to downtown Denver. Unfortunately the Little Dry Creek Trail is currently torn up due to construction on the commuter rail system. The earliest that trail will be accessible is most likely November of 2016.

US 36 Bikeway Maps

The two maps found below follow the US 36 Bikeway from Louisville, Colorado. The second one is from Louisville all the way into Denver following the US 36 Bike Path until its terminus in Westminster. From there the route is along Bradburn Street which takes trail users to Little Dry Creek Trail. Normally it would be fairly easy & safe to follow Little Dry Creek Trail all the way to Clear Creek trail then follow a short segment of Clear Creek Trail to the South Platte River Trail all the way into downtown Denver. Unfortunately, the map below reflects the current situation. Little Dry Creek Trail is torn up due to construction of the new transit rail from Denver to Westminster. In the meantime, it is a rather convoluted & unsafe route into Denver from the Westminster trailhead of the US 36 Bikeway. However, once all construction is done (hopefully by late 2016) I will change the two maps below to one map of the entire route.

Alternate Names for US 36 Bikeway

If you had trouble finding information about the US 36 Bikeway it because it is often called different names by different people. Some of the different names for the US 36 Bikeway include: Boulder to Denver Bikeway, Denver to Boulder Bike Path, US 36 Bike Path, US 36 Bike Trail, Denver to Boulder Bike Trail

Whatever you call this US 36 Corridor bike trail, it is a welcome recreation and commuting alternative for Coloradans and Colorado visitors. Both business & leisure travelers may want to consider staying at one of the communities found along the highway 36 corridor and renting a bike instead of a car. Options like the US 36 Bikeway make bicycle commuting & recreating a good option during many spring, summer & fall days.

Trail Map


Suggested Lodging

Suggested Dining

McDonalds, Outback Steak House, Mad Greens, Old Santa Fe or Bao Asian Fusion in Louisville, CO

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

Bike Repair station located on Davidson Mesa Overlook along trail or Louisville Cyclery in Louisville, CO

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