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Vail Pass & Gore Valley Trails

Trikke riding down Vail Pass Trail in Colorado

Trikke rider on Vail Pass Trail

This trail starts at the top of Vail Pass (Exit 190 off of highway I-70) and ends near Wolcott, CO and the junction for highway 131 to Steamboat Springs. Although the trail starts at a very high altitude and ends much lower, it is not necessarily all downhill. It is a fairly easy trip on a bike, most of it could also be done on an Elliptigo or hybrid Trikke. A strong Trikke rider may be able to do the whole thing with a regular Trikke (non-motorized), but I barely made it on a Pon-e Trikke.

Assuming you start at the top of the pass, you will encounter some very fun sweeping corners and a few fairly sharp ones also. The whole trail is either cement or asphalt, but portions of it are on roads. Some of the roads have wide shoulders and some don’t. If you are as averse to riding on roads as I am, then you may want to cut off the last few miles of this route as that is on a very busy road with varying shoulder widths.

In addition to seeing pretty mountain scenery, you’ll also get to view some incredible homes also as you go through the town of Vail and surrounding communities. Numerous companies rent bikes in the area and some of them even provide a free shuttle to the top of Vail Pass with a full day bike rental. Brochures for such companies can be found scattered throughout the towns of Vail, Frisco & Silverthorne, Colorado.


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