4 X 4 Trails

Millennium Trail

The trail system serves as a County wide recreational facility for local residents, visitors and to provide access for farm vehicles by adjacent land owners. The trail corridor is 15 meters in width and 49 kilometers in length and a total land area of 73.5 hectares. The trail goes from Carrying Place and winds through …

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Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway

The Byway is 103 miles long and consists of gravel and paved roads that are suitable for passenger vehicles. This region provides access to one of the best remaining examples of the sagebrush-steppe ecosystem and habitat for more than 180 species of birds and mammals such as coyotes, bighorn sheep and badgers. The area’s scenic …

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Klondike Bluffs Trail

Klondike Bluffs is a relatively easy ride, for the Moab area!  It starts out on a dirt that is rather non-descript.  After fighting through a couple of sand traps, the climb goes up a draw filled with juniper pines and becomes a little more rocky and technical.  The trails in this network have also adopted …

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Amasa Back

trail in red rocks

This is the best short ride in the Moab Area. If you are arriving in Moab late in the afternoon and want to get in a quick ride, drive to the trailhead and do thisone.  T he recommended route is to ride Amasa all the way up, going left at Jackson Junction and biking up …

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Munro Trail

Munro trail in hawaii

Getting here is half the fun. My favorite way to enjoy the island of Lanai and the Munro Trail is by following this itinerary: Catch a ferry from Lahaina, Maui to Lanai (bikes are allowed onboard). Once on the island of Lanai, wait for a (4-Seasons) resort shuttle. (You will have to pay for this …

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Caribou Trail

The Caribou Trail is located northwest of Nederland, Colorado. To reach the trail, take highway 72 north out of Nederland. Just past the fire station, turn left onto Caribou Road. Follow the road until it dead ends just past the stone structures beside the road. At this point there are signs for the 4WD roads …

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