Jun 15

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Grand European Trail Tour

Purpose of the EuropeanTrail Tour

German Schnitzel Meal

German Schnitzel Meal

I love riding and hiking trails, and long distance trails are the ultimate. We have great long-distance trails in the United States, and I’ve enjoyed riding the following just to name a few:

And the list goes on. But some of the ultimate trails in the world, for history, for length, for scenery and for trail support are in Europe. So this trip is a way of crossing some of the world’s great trails off of my trail bucket list. And in the

process, I’d like to share some of my experiences on the various trails. Speaking of which…

City Plaza in Trier, Germany

City Plaza in Trier, Germany

European Bike Trails Included in the European Trail Tour

  • Moselle River Trail in Germany & France
  • Rhine River Trail in Germany
  • Bike Trail Around Lake Constance in Switzerland, Austria & Germany
  • Danube Cycleway in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria & Hungary
  • Bruges to Amsterdam Bike and Boat Tour in Brussels & the Netherlands

Information and Ramblings from the Trail

While on the Great European Trail Tour, I hope to learn oodles of information about the trails, European culture, customs from each country and maybe even a few words from each language. I’ll share information about the food, the people and of course the trails. For specific information about each segment of the European trails, feel free to use the “Trails” pull-down menu above and navigate to the various European countries and trails found within that country. Thanks for joining me on this trail trip of a lifetime.

BTW, I may have finally fixed the comments, so the first person to successfully leave a comment (below) on the Trailsnet trail blog gets a small European nation named after them. (All prizes based on availability.)

Swans on Saar River

Swans on Saar River

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