Mar 21

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Urban Trails of America

Greatest City Trails in America

As part of our “America’s Best Trails” series, I’d like to highlight some of our great urban trails in today’s post. So often, when we think of trails, we picture mountains, streams and forests. And that’s a good thing. I grew up in Montana with a wilderness area literally out my front door. That’s where I first developed my love of trails. Back then, it was backpacking trails that drew my interest. Now, although I’m still a huge fan of backpacking and wilderness trails, I also have an affinity for biking on urban trails.

Urban Trail Attractions

Mount vernon trail in washington dc

Mt. Vernon Trail

So what do urban trails have to offer, you ask? I’m afraid I’d be typing all day if I listed every one of the benefits of urban trails. But a few of the urban trail attractions include:

  • healthy & environmentally friendly commuting
  • a great stress reliever in an otherwise hectic life
  • fantastic coffee shops
  • wonderful microbreweries & local pubs
  • incredible bookstores
  • magnificent people-watching opportunities
  • tranquil parks & greenways
  • riverside and stream-side sojourns
  • restaurants galore

Examples of the Best Urban Trails

Here are some examples of fun towns with fantastic urban trails:

Orlando – West Orange Trail
New Orleans – Tammany Trace Trail
Atlanta – Silver Comet Trail
Washington D.C. – Mount Vernon Trail
Philadelphia – Schuylkill River Trail
Dallas – Trinity River Trail system
Denver – Platte River Trail
Des Moines – Racoon River Valley Trail
Los Angeles – Huntington Beach Trail and other beach trails
Spokane – Spokane Centennial Trail


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  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson

    You have the trail well covered Kevin. And a joy to read. Shall share onto my Pinterest and Facebook pages.

    1. trailsnet

      As always, many thanks Barry!!

      1. Ross-Barry Finlayson

        My pleasure my friend.

  2. greatplainstrail

    I love urban trails. There’s a nice one along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis that I used to ride all the time in college.

    1. trailsnet

      I look forward to doing some bike riding in Minnesota on both the urban trails and the rail-trails. There’s definitely some great ones there. Thanks for the comment, Steve.

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